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Internet Resources

Microsoft - Top 10 Ways to Save Time with Internet Explorer 6 Internet Basics For Seniors - Glossary Barbara's basics for beginners
Evaluating Websites NetSmartz - Internet definitions SolveYourProblem - Explanation of Spam, Cookies & Temporary Internet Files
Google Web Search Features – Ever wondered what "I'm Feeling Lucky™" means? Web Page Translator SBAC.EDU - Some ‘Netiquette’ Guidelines
Introduction to Internet terms Commonly Used E-Mail Smiley's About-the-Web - Internet Guide
Internet and Computing Terms Glossary - Internet Terms Explained Education World - Searching the Web is as easy as ABC  


Internet Safety

Cyber Angels - Resources for Educators, Parents, and victims of Internet crime. Power To Learn - Interactive units online Playing It Safe - Grade 6 - A webquest about Internet Safety for 6th Grade Computer Literacy.
KinderVision - Little Red Said… Safety video KinderVision - all ages Kindervision Internet safety quiz CC Most Wanted - explains to kids on their level, how predators work.
SBAC.edu - Internet Safety Information Better Safe Than Sorry - PowerPoint presentation on Internet safety Kim Komando's 10 Commandments for Kids Online
Cnet Security - How to family-proof your PC    



Great Networking Tutorial Links
PCStats - Beginners Guides: Printer Sharing on a Home Network PC Magazine - How to Set Up a Wireless Home Network - step-by-step tutorial
HowStuffWorks - How WiFi works BestBuy's Guide to home networking