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Holidays 2


Holidays on the Net Holiday Worksheets - January - December I-Love-Cartoons Home
Kate - All Holiday Goodies Mom's Break - All Holiday Printables On Holiday at BillyBear4Kids.com
See how long it is until Christmas or any other holiday Summer Fun Links Kaboose - All Holiday printables

New Year's Day

Star Template - I Resolve... New Year's Day - History, Traditions, & Customs

Groundhog's Day

Groundhog Day - Is it Spring Yet? The Official Site of the Punxsutawney Groundhog Club

Valentine's Day

Heart Template Valentine's Day Games Valentine's Day - Not Like it Used to Be - History & Customs

St. Patrick's Day

Printables and Worksheets St. Patrick's Day - Customs & History St. Patrick's Day Fun


Crayola - Decorate a virtual egg Easter Fun Links Egg Hunt Worksheet - lesson for Elementary grades. Several links at the bottom all about eggs
The Easter Page - Traditions, History, and Dates of Easter

Mother's Day

Mothers Day - History, Advice, and what the Bible says

Memorial Day

Spring Fun Links

Father's Day

Fathers Day - History, Quotes, & Facts

Independence Day

4th of July Games/Activities Independence Day - with historic documents and patriotic music

Labor Day

Labor Day - MSN Encarta History of the Observance of Labor Day

Columbus Day

Columbus Day and Christopher Columbus - A History