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St. Anthony Catholic SchoolSt. Anthony School
St. Anthony Catholic School

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Welcome to St. Anthony School

Our Mission is to provide children with a Catholic, Christian education, ensuring them the opportunity to develop spiritual, academic, and personal excellence.

Your child is a unique gift from our God, and once again, we extend our thanks to you for entrusting your most precious treasure to us during the school year. As a parent or guardian, one of your most important responsibilities is to choose a school that "fits" your child's personality and learning needs, as well as your family's practical needs and educational priorities.

In selecting to send your child to a Catholic school, you have already made some very important choices. Most importantly, you have chosen to blend your child's academic and spiritual development in accordance with the educational mission and ministry of Jesus Christ and the Church.

A vital premise underlying that mission is that your child has strengths, talents, and interests to be encouraged and developed. Equally important is the commitment to an educational approach that nurtures "the whole child" in and environment of spiritual development, academic excellence, moral values, respect and safety. ST. ANTHONY SCHOOL provides that environment, treating each child as a "special gift" that will flourish with individual care and attention.

Included in this "WELCOME BACK PACKET" is some important and pertinent information for the beginning of the new school year. PLEASE take the time to read and familiarize yourself with the material in order to guarantee a smooth transition into the 2013-2014 school year.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the school office at 468-4423. May God bless you and all the families of St. Anthony School.


Sister Joann Kuchler, SFCC


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